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Emily Gowor is an inspirational writer, author and speaker devoted to bringing books and inspiration to the world.

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Inspiration Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Most of the people I’ve met in the last 10 years want to live an extraordinary life. No matter what that might look like to the individual, I really do believe this desire is inside all of us (how could it not be when wanting more for ourselves is an evolutionary pull). Perhaps some people hav [...]

Leaps of Belief: Opening up to experience your dream

As I prepared for my trip to London and Ireland today, I found myself inspired and immeasurably grateful for the opportunity I’ve been offered to travel across the world and speak in Ireland at the 2017 Get Up & Go event. And actually, I was so moved that I was in tears of inspiration. Why? Be [...]

From Depression to Inspiration: A True Story of Transformation

‘I don’t care if my heart doesn’t ever beat again.’ This was the only thought that keep running through my mind as I lay on the floor one night in 2007, aged 19. After dropping out of my University degree in Sociology & Philosophy a year earlier after discovering that a path of conti [...]