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Emily Gowor is an inspirational writer, author and speaker devoted to bringing books and inspiration to the world.

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From Depression to Inspiration: A True Story of Transformation

‘I don’t care if my heart doesn’t ever beat again.’ This was the only thought that keep running through my mind as I lay on the floor one night in 2007, aged 19. After dropping out of my University degree in Sociology & Philosophy a year earlier after discovering that a path of conti [...]

Every Moment in Your Life is Fleeting

Last night before sleeping, I was present with how every moment in life is fleeting. You blink an eye… it’s gone. Your heart beats… and another moment of your life has passed, turning from the future into the past – just like that. You inhale and exhale and… there goes [...]

The 3 Types of Time That Help You to Have it All

To create a fulfilling life where you progress towards your dreams daily and experience all that life has on offer for you, integrate and plan for these 3 types of time on a weekly and monthly basis. Type #1: Planning Time Planning time is where you step back to connect with what you want and set i [...]